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CUSTOMER SUPPORT - A product module with real people Whether you forget what to click, or you need help with a complete workflow, we are here to help. We understand you work with your customers, the taxpayers, and when you need help, you need it now. Our trained and certified support analysts are an integral part of our solution and your extended team.

ONLINE BUSINESS PERSONAL PROPERTY - Empower your business owners and CPAs

Capture Online Business Personal Property helps your businesses and CPAs communicate with your personal property staff and file renditions/tax returns online.  This module makes it easy for leasing companies to work with your office.  This module is tightly integrated with Microsoft Excel to export and import items for taxpayers while submitting their renditions online.  Once an account has been set up the end users merely update or delete items and add new ones if applicable.  This module saves hundreds of tedious hours for the clerical staff who process renditions and improves the overall productivity and accountability of the tax return/rendition process while providing a positive experience working with your office.

Capture’s Assessment Automation is an intelligent exemption processing module.  Whether you need to process a new homestead exemption or a more complex exemption with caps and limits, this module will automate the process for you.  You can scan and attach all supporting documents with the exemption processing dashboard and have it available with related parcels.  Exemptions for current year and future tax years can be handled with equal ease without creating backlogs for your staff.


Automated assessment makes it easy for supervisors and clerks to track the status of any assessment instantly, thus enabling them to provide a quick response to customers’ questions.  Processed assessments can be emailed to taxpayers or a paper copy can be printed.  The Assessment Automated module is also integrated with many different digital signature pads.

ASSESSMENT AUTOMATION - Exemption processing made simple

Capture can integrate with a variety of deed recording systems to pull all its relevant deeds/instruments into your office every morning.  Business rules can be established to resolve parcel numbers for lot and block deeds while more complex ones can be routed to a mapper for resolution.  Once the parcels are resolved, they get routed automatically for name change and sales recording.  Just like all the other modules, the Deed Processing module eliminates

AUTOMATED DEED PROCESSING - Deeds at your fingertips

duplicate data entry, streamlines the workflow, and improves overall productivity while minimizing data entry errors.

MOBILE APPRAISAL - Pictures, sketching, maps, attributes - All in one

Every appraiser in the field needs property information such as attributes, photos, maps, and sketches to review and maintain a parcel.  Field appraisers frequently take pictures, sketch new improvements, or additions to existing ones.  Managing and uploading photos taken in the field is a time consuming ordeal in and by itself.  Most field appraisers rely on paper while others who connect to the office via vpn and laptops struggle with connectivity and form factor issues of laptops and the burden of carrying a digital camera along with it.


Capture mobile appraisal for iPad packages the elegance of Capture’s streamlined workflow with the ease of use and gesture based UI of the iPad to provide a powerful mobile solution, with or without connectivity, to the field appraiser to handle pictures, sketching, maps, and attributes - All in one - nothing clunky - nothing bulky device and software that almost work like paper.

If you are the official responsible for exemptions in your jurisdiction, you want to help the elderly and physically challenged right then and there with their exemptions.  Even if you could, you need to carry your laptop, portable printer, and even a paper application.  Not a practical thing to do when you are with people in a church or a charity event.  But if you could have an app that did all the work for you from your iPhone or iPad, not only would you feel good helping your community but you would have made technology really work for the taxpayer when it counts.  This idea is a reality with Capture Mobile Assessment.

MOBILE ASSESSMENT - Take care of exemptions, anywhere and anytime

APPEALS PROCESSING- End-to-end case management Appeals is a time consuming, stressful period for the assessment life cycle that an assessor has to manage effectively and efficiently. Capture’s Appeals Processing allows you to let taxpayers appeal online or in a traditional manner. No matter how it gets initiated, our solution helps you schedule, run comps, print dockets, letters, and all other related documents from a single case dashboard. Any internal communication that has to be initiated during this process is managed within the software. While this process is demanding, our solution brings order and structure, making it easier for your office.

Capture’s valuation engine includes cost, market, and income approaches.  Capture is flexible to accommodate any type of cost table, ranging from Marshall & Swift to custom cost tables.  The mass updates are intuitive and easy to use.  You can perform a what-if analysis on any mass update, view the sales analysis, and study the suggested factor without having to commit any values.  A true what-if engine at your finger tips comes with bidirectional GIS integration, neighborhood modeling, work-sets, regression analysis, parcel maintenance module, and many more - all in one integrated seamless package.  Capture allows appraisers to work in multiple years.  Capture’s work flow engine helps appraisal supervisors to track all the field work generated from maintenance, permits, and deeds with a click of a button.  This also helps the supervisor to reassign resources if required to finish the appraisal work in a timely manner.


PROPERTY VALUATION - A full array of tools to value your real property

Capture’s Web-Based sketching is one-of-a-kind in our industry.  This module helps sketch any type of area with arcs and angles.  Many smarts from CAD systems are incorporated to make sketching as easy as possible.  Users can also use PDF or TIF images of built drawings as a reference, set up a scale, and trace over the drawing in case of large commercial and industrial complexes.  This module allows users to draw additions in one year without resketching or copying the whole sketch.  Capture Sketch has a built-in constraint solver to handle minor changes in dimension without having to resketch.

WEB BASED SKETCHING - Integrates directly with your appraisal cost model

Capture’s Business Personal Property module is designed to handle all the workflows required to create a personal property tax roll.  Whether you are working with a CPA or a small business, Capture eliminates redundant data entry, saving countless hours for the clerks processing personal property returns.  Mass update tools in personal property speed up otherwise tedious and lengthy data entry when dealing with large accounts and leasing companies.  Capture Online is tightly integrated with the Personal Property module.  Email integration notifies  taxpayers on the status of their tax returns.  This module also provides the ability to send rendition notices via email.  Any data or report related to personal property can be exported with a single click into Microsoft Excel, like in all other modules.

BUSINESS PERSONAL PROPERTY ASSESSMENT - Reinforce best practices with automated processes

ONLINE APPEALS - File complaints for single or multiple parcels

Online Appeals helps the assessor’s office manage appeals online.  It  provides the ability for taxpayers to scan and upload documents to support their claims. Status changes and schedules are automatically emailed from this module to the taxpayers or their representative.  Taxpayers can access comparable sales even before filing an appeal, potentially discouraging frivolous complaints.

Properties changing hands trigger most of the transfer related work in an assessor’s office.  Typically, closing attorneys inform new home owners about homestead exemptions, over 65 exemptions, or any other type of exemption available to them.  Imagine a process where the closing attorney could file the exemption online and upload all the supporting documents during closing or new home owners could do it at their convenience.  Now imagine that the exemption processing clerk has all the information pre-filled on his or her screen and has to only review and push a button to approve, while it emails the property owner the approval instantly.  This is what the Online Exemption module does and does it today.

ONLINE EXEMPTION PROCESSING - Apply for current use, homestead exemptions, and more

Capture Citizen Access is a comprehensive, yet simple portal to the tax assessor’s office.  This portal was designed to provide any and all public information that an assessor wishes to publish in an easy and simple format for the taxpayers to understand.  The goal is to reduce phone calls.  Capture Citizen Access provides assessment information with related maps and pictures.  It is directly integrated with online personal property, online exemption processing, online appeals, and online payment for tax collectors.

CITIZEN ACCESS - End-to-end public access solution

GIS INTEGRATION - Seamlessly integrates with Esri products

Capture CAMA is tightly integrated with Arc Desktop Solutions, ArcGIS Online, and Arc for iOS. Capture GIS integration provides a true bidirectional link between the GIS and CAMA system. Users can seamlessly select parcels from GIS and mass update instantly or run a report in Capture CAMA and visualize them in Esri products in realtime. This integration ensures that users in different departments have access to the most up to date mapping/CAMA information. Additionally this module provides realtime analysis and visualization capabilities to perform multiple what-if’s without having to rely on data dumps and system synchronization, thus improving the overall quality and efficiency of the analysis. Capture’s GIS module also comes with multiple environments tailored for different user groups in the jurisdiction. Further it has advanced features and flexible workflows that can be customized to meet any jurisdiction’s property tax administration’s mapping related appraisal and assessment needs.


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