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CUSTOMER SUPPORT - A product module with real people Whether you forget what to click or you need help with a complete workflow, we are here to help. We understand you work with your customers, the taxpayers, and when you need help, you need it now. Our trained and certified support analysts are an integral part of our solution and your extended team.

Billings and Collections is a full financial package that supports all teller operations and complete back office functions including cashbooks, ledgers, budgets, disbursements, and final settlement.  Capture tracks and manages all delinquent taxes, generates demand notices, and calculates and applies fees and penalties.  When the Assessor’s office release tax abstract or tax roll, Capture can automatically generate receipts for all accounts.  Receipts are bar coded for easy payment processing with just a few keystrokes.  Checks are scanned, tax amounts are validated, and refunds are automatically generated for accurate accounting and disbursement of funds.  Capture automatically posts transactions to the ledger for record keeping and generates all checks related to any disbursement.


Capture’s Billings and Collections handles multiple satellite offices with the ability to do interoffice teller transfer. The integrated accounting package helps jurisdictions to manage multiple bank accounts and reconcile them each month.

CASHIERING - Full financial package that supports all teller operations

MORTGAGE PROCESSING - Process a Mortgage Service payment, in a single transaction

Capture’s automated Mortgage Processing handles mortgage payments from tax service and mortgage companies.  By simply uploading the files, Capture detects bad parcels, overpayment and underpayment parcels, litigation parcels, and already paid parcels instantly.  All mortgage refunds are handled directly by Capture’s disbursement engine, which generates semi-monthly reports and creates and prints related checks in Capture’s accounting system.

AUTOMATED TAX SALE - Start to finish Tax Sale administration

Capture automates the complete tax sale process including advertisements, bidder management, overbid processing, automatic docket and certificate generation, and automatic name changes.  Capture also generates all other letters and legal documents related to a tax sale and tracks them with the related parcels.  Capture tax sale processing saves hundreds of man hours and makes it a more tractable process.

Land Redemption module is tightly integrated with Capture CAMA.  The information from automated tax sale module directly flows into Land Redemption.  Capture’s Land Redemption module handles various redemptions scenarios such as properties sold to individuals, properties sold to state, properties transferred from state and more complex scenarios like double tax sales and partial redemptions.  This module automatically generates disbursement reports for both transfers and regular redemptions.  Further it is integrated with the Capture general ledger for both check writing and bank reconciliation.  This module also comes with automated document generation, mass printing capabilities and other advanced features to ensure compliance with state and local legislations

LAND REDEMPTION - Handle even complicated redemptions with ease

CITIZEN ACCESS - Help your tax payer, Anywhere - Anytime Capture Citizen Access provides an end to end public access portal for accessing assessment records, paying taxes, filing exemptions, and requesting board hearings online. Capture Citizen Access is integrated with leading payment gateways such as PayPal for processing credit card transactions and also has a built in e-check transaction module to provide taxpayers with fee free processing. Capture automatically generates Check 21 format for transmitting check transactions to the bank electronically.

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